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International universities wish to provide an opportunity for their students to study in order to enhance their educational experience. Every educational institution is different in program strengths, resources and location and no single institution can meet the needs of every student. This wide variety of educational institutions can make the process of finding the right educational institution for each of its students a difficult and lenghty process for international universities.

Edurecruit reduces the complexity of student placement into educational institutions. Through the Edurecruit university network, our partner universities' students have access to:

  • a wider choice of quality, trusted universities with proven experience in the enrollment and successful transition of international students
  • the expert guidance of our experienced international enrollment team to help them through every step of their process for entering and arriving at the university that meets their needs.
  • the Edurecruit guarantee that ensures that all international students attending an educational instituation in the Edurecruit network receive the attention they deserve.
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